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Restaurant Digital Signage

Restaurant digital signage is revolutionizing two things: the way we dine and the way restaurant owners interact with their customers.

Digital Menu Board


Imagine being able to send multiple messages at the same time to anyone who stops in for a bite. Things like what’s popular, what’s new or what specials are running that day. Now imagine sending these messages without the wasted money and resources that come from printing signage again and again.

Digital Menu BoardsRestaurant Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are by far one of the most popular digital signage solutions on the market due to the need to update pricing, menu items and messaging frequently and remotely. Digital menu boards are providing restaurant operators with a dynamic solution to the problem of ever-changing menus and the rising costs of printing. These digital displays can be instantly updated to reflect current and seasonal specials. They can also be programmed to meet time of day requirements.

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Restaurant Digital Signage

Restaurants transitioning to electronic menu boards have seen improvements in operational efficiency and customer experience.

bragger board, restaurant digital signage Digital Bragger Boards

Digital bragger boards are the perfect solution if you’re looking to increase communication in-store. Highlight seasonal dishes, events and increase your catering in a high-tech fashion that is sure to catch your customers attention. Push multiple messages at once with the “zoning” tool and schedule content to appear at certain times of the day to better target your audience.

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Add Social Media to Digital SignageRestaurant Digital Signage Social Media

Dynamic social media feeds can be added almost anywhere on a digital sign, so you can engage with your customers and promote your social media presence all on your display! Display your restaurant feed to encourage customers to follow you, or pick a hashtag to promote social media interaction.

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Digital Menu BoardsCustom Solutions for Restaurant Digital Signage

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