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LED sign

LED welcome sign outside of Gates Town Hall. This is an example of a monument sign, which can be done in various fashions for a customized look.


Empire Digital Signs offers a variety of Outdoor Digital Signage and LED Signs. We’ll work with you to develop a customized and eye-catching display to effectively communicate your message and achieve your objectives. Whether you’re looking for a digital billboard or an upgraded out-of-home advertising unit, we’ll put together a package that fits your needs. A few of the ways our outdoor LED signs, digital billboards and signage can be used include:

  • Welcome/Promotional Signs
  • Wayfinding at transport hubs
  • Out-of-home advertising/Billboards
  • Mall/Convention directories
  • Interactive touchscreen systems
  • Drive-through menus

In markets such as:

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outdoor LED, outdoor digital signage

Rockcastle Florist – Rochester, NY

Outdoor Digital LED Billboards | Out-of-Home Advertising

outdoor LED, digital billboard

Kodak Center, Rochester, NY

Why go digital as opposed to static?

  • A digital billboard can be seen from a great distance with their brightness and rotating images/videos, while static billboards often go unnoticed.
  • Passersby’s are more likely to pay attention because their eyes are automatically drawn to the color and motion.
  • While traditional billboards fade, peel, dirty and change color, a typical LED bulb lasts for 100,000 hours, or 11 years (or more)!
  • With a digital advertising platform, your message (or your advertiser’s message) never has to stay the same. With ever-changing promotions, marketing messages, and prices, content is managed remotely and all it takes is one step to update an ad.

Your investment is guaranteed to save you time, money, resources and allow you to focus solely on running your business – so let us do the work for you!

outdoor LED sign, digital billboard, outdoor digital sign

Kodak Center, Rochester, NY


Bring advertisers onboard to give publicity to local events and/or businesses. All units are environmentally ruggedized, and equipped with built in AC units to keep cool.

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Environmental Enclosures

Environmental enclosures are bulletproof, impact proof, chemical resistant, and can withstand environments -32° to 115°F. The aluminum construction (stainless steel optional) comes with a hinged door for ease of access and is available in a portrait or landscape orientation. It has recessed, tamper-resistant locks for maximum security along with integrated air conditioning and heating (optional), and a programmable thermostat with multiple AC/heat settings.

The unit comes with an RS232 I/O port for remote monitoring, and an option to integrate a media player. The enclosure also includes an integral 15-amp max switched power (for LCD display I/O), door ajar sensor, vibration/tampering sensors, and up to 16 thermal, humidity, and water presence sensors. Wireless or wired connection, allowing for monitoring of the enclosure and the ability to update content remotely, is also available.

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Outdoor Digital Signage & Interactive Solutions

Our portfolio of signage solutions includes 1-sided, 2-sided, and 3-sided mounted and free-standing configurations. Screens come in landscape and portrait orientations with up to 1920×1080 resolution. Enclosures are vandal resistant with a tamper-proof security latch system and a ruggedized enclosure.

When it comes to outdoor digital signage, never rule out an interactive system. With behind-the-glass touch screen capabilities, allow your customers/passerby’s the ability to navigate and find the information they need.

Signs can be configured in a broad range of finishes and mounts. Units come with built in cooling systems, and heating functionalities if needed.

Worried about zoning issues? We’ll handle the work for you. We go from start to finish – from the consultation to the installation, and are always available for your convenience.

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