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What Can Digital Signage do for Education?

Let’s face it: students aren’t walking up to bulletin boards to grab flyers to find out what events are happening this weekend. They’re not looking for paper listings posted around the school to find out when the next football home game is. They’re going on their phones, grabbing their laptops, or hopping onto a school computer. The students passing through education institutions are of the digital age, and expect the information they receive to be relevant and pertinent to what they’re interested in.




Save money

By switching to digital signage and reducing paper and printer use, you can save thousands of dollars every year and invest in something that will last.

Improve your image

Imagine parents walking in for a sporting event and seeing eye catching screens that are displaying their children’s achievements. Digital signage makes an excellent first impression and can even be a deciding factor for parents to send their child to your school or for a prospective college student to enroll at your university.

Consolidate your plaques and trophies

It’s no secret that high schools are starting to run out of space for their plaques and trophies. Not only that, but it’s becoming costly to have a plaque made for every single recognition your students, alumni, or staff have. Consolidating these plaques or trophies in a digital format not only creates a more efficient way of storing photos from past decades, it encourages people to engage and interact, rather than staring at a wall full of dusty old plaques.

Show off your students, alumni, and staff

Displaying star students, alumni, and staff and creates positive influences and impressions on your student body and staff. Recognizing an alumna who achieved great success in their career could be the one thing a student needs to get through their day, and make a positive impact on the overall image of your school to the public as well.




We understand the need to engage students, and we can help you capture and maintain their attention.


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Digital Signage for Senior Facilities

Digital signage is a fantastic communication tool and can aid senior facilities in creating a more effective dynamic with residents, staff, and visitors. It can be used to inform residents about what meals are coming up, visiting times, current weather and news, as well as sharing information about what they should be doing to stay healthy and safe.



Why LED For Your Outdoor Sign?

Why LED and how can we help?



Interactive Kiosks: Assisting Those with Hearing Loss

More than 48 million Americans alone are affected by some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss affects many activities of daily living and can affect the way one interacts with others.



Choosing the Right Digital Signage

Are you thinking about implementing digital signage but aren’t sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

It’s important to understand that digital signage can range immensely in price. You can be looking anywhere from $1,000 to tens of thousands for a single screen, so it’s important to narrow down what it is you’re looking for. This takes into consideration size, interactivity/non-interactivity, features, enclosures, and more.


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Common Digital Signage Myths: Busted

The effectiveness and worth of digital signage is often overlooked due to some misconceptions that people and businesses have. We want to clear up some of the most common myths:


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Empire Digital Signs Expands Sales and Operations into Buffalo, NY


Empire Digital Signs is a digital signage company headquartered in Rochester, NY. EDS specializes in digital signage and interactive solutions, this includes marketing communications, digital menu boards, informational messaging, outdoor LEDs, interactive kiosks, and touchscreen systems.


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Taste of Rochester Grand Opening

Empire Digital Signs recently had the privilege of being a part of something incredible for Rochester


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