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Digital Menu Board Meets Social Media

Social Media Meets Digital Menu Board


An unlikely pair I know, but throughout my travels I’m seeing more and more of digital menu boards going hand in hand with social media. As you know we are constantly looking for new ways to get the most out of your digital menu board investment. Well once again we’re bringing you and out-of-the-box idea for your restaurant. […]

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Using Digital Menu Boards to Their Full Potential

Restaurant Digital Signage Best Practices


It’s becoming more and more common to see digital signage in restaurants, simply because restaurants are the ideal market for digital menu boards and digital signage. Restaurants are constantly in a position to upsell products (specifically those with an ordering line), make consistent changes to menus and have a captive audience. However, successful digital signage in a restaurant environment is more than a digital menu board- it’s about taking advantage of the opportunities digital signage gives your business without overdoing it. […]

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The Endless Possibilities of Digital Signage

After Interning for Empire Digital Signs for two semesters, our Intern Derek VanOrman discusses his interpretation of the digital signage market as well as the possibilities for businesses to implement such technology:

Digital signage is rapidly becoming a sought after tool from restaurants to local businesses alike because of the many benefits one could have from owning one. But today digital signage is becoming more than just a platform to display content based on their own business alone. In fact, digital signage has begun to show how useful and profitable it can really be. Businesses everywhere have already begun to experience the impact that can come from digital displays. So much so, that digital signage is now the new platform for Digital Out Of Home Advertising, where local businesses have the opportunity to engage with potential customers right where they stand. […]

User Interface Design

User Interface Design Best Practices

 What is a user interface?

According to PC Magazine it is “The way a person interacts with a computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device. The user interface (UI) comprises the screen menus and icons, keyboard shortcuts, mouse and gesture movements, command language and online help, as well as physical buttons, dials and levers.” These user interface designs are not limited to digital, it can come in the form of an analogue device such as a TV remote, car stereo, or video game controller. In a sense it is how a human interacts with the digital world. […]

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Content is King.

You can say it until your blue in the face, but it isn’t until your content fails you that you will realize that this component controls the digital signage market. I come from a marketing background, so I tend to take for granted that these things come naturally to me. I understand the importance of the messages you send to the world. It wasn’t until I got into digital signage that I realized it’s easier said than done. […]