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Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising Rochester, NY

The ability to target and update advertisements with the click of a mouse is the reason we’re seeing more marketing dollars spent on digital advertising. Empire Digital Signs is leading the way in digital-out-of-home advertising (Rochester):


The Interactive Digital Concierge

The Interactive Digital Concierge advertising is a network of DOOH advertising channel created by Empire Digital Signs. Our concierge boards are placed in strategic hotels and locations throughout the city of Rochester. This gives local businesses the opportunity to reach an audience that is particularly difficult to contact- out of town guests.

For more information on the Interactive Digital Concierge Program, visit our sister-site interactivedigitalconcierge.com

The Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex

Empire Digital Signs has partnered with Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex to provide their sponsors with digital means to communicate with the venue’s 1.5 million annual visitors.


90″ Display

Location: Upper Lobby- above Rink #4, adjacent to the fireplace.

This massive display can accommodate both image and video advertisement.

Advertising Rochester NY

 Contact Us at sales@empiredigitalsigns.com for pricing and share of voice details.
Interactive Digital Concierge at the Iceplex

The Iceplex is one of eight Interactive Digital Concierge locations in Rochester. Visit interactivedigitalconcierge.com for a full list of locations, rates and testimonials.

Advertising Rochester NY


Other DOOH options for the Iceplex

As opposed to share of voice on the 90″, you can purchase your own digital sign or interactive kiosk for Bill Gray’s Iceplex’s guests to view. You’ll work with the Empire Digital Signs team and the Bill Gray’s Iceplex team to decide on a location and develop a customized advertisement that is certain to gain attention.


Ad Net RIT

Screens are located in the RIT Student Alumni Union and RIT Brickcity Cafe. This network is ideal for businesses looking to target college students. Both locations within RIT are constantly flooded with students. Your ad is guaranteed to reach this audience, especially when paired with dynamic content.


Advertising Rochester NY

Advertising Rochester NY