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Video Wall

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Video Wall

You will never forget your time spent in front of a larger than life video wall.

These gorgeous displays are sure to make an impact in any environment, while still being the most powerful and flexible solutions on the market. At Empire Digital Signs we believe that in order for any digital signage to be successful it should be well planned. Your video wall consultation will include an a detailed observation of your desired location in which space, light and your budget will be taken into consideration. Our Content Creation Department will develop a fluid and dynamic presentation to ensure you get the most out of your investment. As with all of our solutions, your content will be managed remotely via the cloud giving you the option to change your messaging no matter where you may be.

Video Walls

Ambient Light? No Problem.

Empire Digital Signs partners with the industry’s leaders in hardware and software developers to provide you with the brightest screens on the market. Well-lit facilities can now take advantage of digital signage that will never be drown out by natural lighting.

Pictured (left): Midvale Country Club Video Wall Rental

Video Walls

Slim Bezel Video Wall Displays

Create a stunning look with the ultimate in video wall solutions. A slim-bezel display creates a virtually seamless look and allows you to display your content on a disruption-free digital canvas. Your guests may even forget they are looking at multiple screens.

Pictured (right): Canandaigua National Bank Slim Bezel Video Wall.


Video Wall Configurations

Video Walls Configuration

Looking for something a little more out-of-the-box?

Contact us with a configuration plan and the video wall experts at Empire Digital Signs will make your vision a reality!

Completely Seamless Displays

A step further than slim bezel displays is a completely seamless display (one screen systems). Completely eliminate bezel disruption for a flawless look.

Video Walls Seamless Display

Pictured: Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex 90″ display

Video Wall Content Management

EDS Video Wall Content Management

As with all of our digital products, EDS holds true to the statement, “It’s not about the screen-it’s about what you do with it.” Content is the driving force behind all of our products and the key to digital signage success, that’s why we’ve made it a core-competency.We will work with your business to create engaging content that will compliment the enormity of a video wall and creatively use up the space.

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