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What it Means to be an Integration Company

Digital Signage Integration

Digital signage seems pretty straight forward right? It’s just a TV with a USB right?

Well of course that’s not the case or else there wouldn’t be hundreds of companies dedicated to developing, manufacturing, integrating and maintaining digital signage. Between the four components that make up digital signage solutions (screens, media players, software and content) there are multiple companies who manufacture each one. So believe it or not, this market tends to be very fragmented and complicated. […]

User Interface Design

User Interface Design Best Practices

 What is a user interface?

According to PC Magazine it is “The way a person interacts with a computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device. The user interface (UI) comprises the screen menus and icons, keyboard shortcuts, mouse and gesture movements, command language and online help, as well as physical buttons, dials and levers.” These user interface designs are not limited to digital, it can come in the form of an analogue device such as a TV remote, car stereo, or video game controller. In a sense it is how a human interacts with the digital world. […]