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Choosing the Right Digital Signage

Are you thinking about implementing digital signage but aren’t sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

It’s important to understand that digital signage can range immensely in price. You can be looking anywhere from $1,000 to tens of thousands for a single screen, so it’s important to narrow down what it is you’re looking for. This takes into consideration size, interactivity/non-interactivity, features, enclosures, and more.


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Taste of Rochester Grand Opening

Empire Digital Signs recently had the privilege of being a part of something incredible for Rochester


Senior Living Regulations

State Regulations for Adult Care & Enriched Housing Facilities

Have you tried to find NYS regulations regarding senior facility menu postings? This information is buried in title 18 of the New York State Department of Health website.  Unfortunately, Google’s web crawlers don’t go deep enough in the DOH site to get you the information you are looking for. Let us save you some time! Here are the links below:


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Transforming the Restaurant Experience

The Do’s & Don’ts of Restaurant Digital Signage


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Making the switch to digital signage will improve communications, operational efficiency, and brand loyalty. As a restaurant owner or manager, there is nothing more important than the happiness and satisfaction of anyone who walks through your doors. So, when you do decide to make the switch or improve what you currently have, make sure to follow these do’s and don’ts for maximum value and results.


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The Keys to a Successful Digital Signage Install

The Keys to a Successful Digital Signage Installation

Digital signage installations can be difficult and time consuming and without proper preparation there are many things that could go wrong. At Empire Digital Signs, we do the integrating to the installation, here are a few tips to ensure that your installation goes off without a hitch: […]Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedin

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In The News Empire Digital Signs

Empire Digital Signs was featured in the news.

Empire Digital Signs Works to Make Digital Menu Boards More Affordable

Posted: Oct 22, 2015 4:41 AM EDT Updated: Oct 22, 2015 6:42 PM EDT

This article was originally distributed via SproutNews. SproutNews, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.Empire Digital Signs is your digital signage expert and specialize in interactive signage, Interactive Digital Concierge Advertising, kiosks, wayfinding, digital menu boards, video walls and event rentals.


Digital Menu Board Meets Social Media

Social Media Meets Digital Menu Board


An unlikely pair I know, but throughout my travels I’m seeing more and more of digital menu boards going hand in hand with social media. As you know we are constantly looking for new ways to get the most out of your digital menu board investment. Well once again we’re bringing you and out-of-the-box idea for your restaurant. […]Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedin

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Creating Brand Loyalty with Digital Menu Boards

Creating Brand Loyalty with Digital Menu Boards


Brand loyalty doesn’t come easy. It takes time to build a customer base that trusts and relies on your business for quality services. The majority of this relationship comes from your excellent dishes, your helpful and happy employees and your atmosphere. Once you gain that loyalty though, you always have something to fall back on. Every restaurant owner knows how important it can be to take extra special care of your “regulars” by providing them with the same services that they know and love, but also keeping their interest with new and exciting products.


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Using Digital Menu Boards to Their Full Potential

Restaurant Digital Signage Best Practices


It’s becoming more and more common to see digital signage in restaurants, simply because restaurants are the ideal market for digital menu boards and digital signage. Restaurants are constantly in a position to upsell products (specifically those with an ordering line), make consistent changes to menus and have a captive audience. However, successful digital signage in a restaurant environment is more than a digital menu board- it’s about taking advantage of the opportunities digital signage gives your business without overdoing it. […]Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedin