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Interactive Digital Signage (Touch Screen)
Interactive Sign

Interactive Digital Signage (touch screens) is one of the fastest technologies taking over the way we look for information today. 

Adding interactivity to your sign can increase time spent in front of your message as well as immersing your user into a brand experience. Empire Digital Signs has the expertise to create a touch screen that matches your organizational needs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to interactive signage.

Interactive Digital Signage

Wayfinding ● Calendars ● Directories ● News Feeds
Promotions ● Advertisement ● Product Information ● Organizational Information
Social Media FeedsLocal Attractions

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In-House Testing

Your sign goes through an extensive in-house testing process before it is installed. Our technicians will be sure that your sign is up and running before it ends up in your facility. We will never “drop-ship” any component of your sign. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time!


If you think interactive signage is out of your budget, ask us about our financing options!

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