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Dynascan rentals available for your special event!



Our Dynascan rentals are extra bright screens that are perfect when it comes to combating ambient light and making sure your display looks incredible regardless of the environment your event is in. We offer multiple model options to provide you with what you need for your event.




We have Dynascan screens that are specifically designed to handle glare and direct sunlight. Our Dynascan models have screens ranging in size from 32″ to 84″. These screens are ideal for concerts, exhibition booths, live events, and other public areas with a high volume of people. It features high brightness, high resolution, vivid colors, minimal power consumption, and can simultaneously display three identical or independent (optional) videos around the circumference.




















Additionally we can also provide flexible configuration by preloading your content before we send out the media player attached to your system. This makes it easy for you to just plug in your display and turn on the power and your content is already there. We also have the capability to convert your video file into another format if your original file doesn’t meet the needs of our Dynascan screens.








On-Site Support

Our Dynascan displays are designed to be as user friendly as possible. Empire Digital Signs offers onsite service for the set up and pack up of the Dynascan video display, before and after your event.