Empire Digital Signs

The communication dynamics for universities and colleges are challenging. Audience demographics range from savvy mobile users to computer-challenged individuals. Large format video monitors make an attractive way to simultaneously reach all demographics within an educational facility, be they in a single facility or spread across a multi-campus environment.


At Empire Digital Signs, we are well-versed in creating campus-wide video display networks that can instantaneously reach all your locations with information on campus events and activities. We can help you design and build a campus communication digital signage network that reaches student, staff, and faculty in cafeterias, hallways, sports centers, auditoriums, and other locations where people meet and gather. We can even integrate with your emergency notification system in the event of a critical situation. A few of the many types of messages you can create and broadcast include:


  • Sporting events
  • Social programs
  • Student awards
  • New faculty
  • Campus safety reminders
  • Recruiting events
  • Internships
  • Club meetings
  • Impending weather alerts
  • Class cancellations