Empire Digital Signs

Video Wall Rental

Video walls are sure to make an impression at any event. This larger than life 10×8 wall is USB and lap top compatible so the possibilities are endless. Perfect for livening up a sleepy dance floor, giving presentations or displaying photos and social media feeds!

Screen Rental

Flexibility and scheduling capabilities make a digital sign a must-have for any event. Personally welcome guests, upload photos, videos and applications. Even add interactivity for wayfinding and other unique uses.

3D Wayfinding | Interactive Directories

Interactive wayfinders and maps provide event guests with a simple and high-tech method of finding their destinations. The touch screen display can not only be used for turn by turn directions, but can serve as an advertising platform and information center.

Live Social Media Boards

Integrate social media even deeper into your event. Live Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds will display mentions and hashtags unique to your event. This will encourage social media participation which every planner knows is priceless.

Digital Badging | Lead Retrieval

Badging and lead retrieval applications are perfect for trade shows and networking events. Rather than fussing with business cards, guests receive a badge loaded with their contact information. As they begin to make connections, they simply scan ID cards and download their leads at a later time.

Digital Surveys

While you need their feedback, you don’t want to inconvenience your guests. The digital survey allows people to answer a few short questions on a touch screen and then carry on. Digital surveys can be carried out via tablet or even an interactive video kiosk- See the “NYSCATE 2016” video below for more!

Virtual Attendant | Hotline Kiosk

Major events and tradeshows can be particularly stressful when it comes to getting into contact with show organizers. Our virtual attendant kiosks allow guests and vendors to reach knowledgeable staff in order to answer their questions, without needing to hunt a person down. These kiosks make event execution easier on both staff and guests.

Audience Response Systems

As opposed to a traditional audience response system that tallies results once voting is closed, our digital system allows guests to watch responses come in live. For more on the audience response system designed for the 2016 Democratic National Convention, click here