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The Evolution of Libraries with the Assistance of Digital Signage

Digital Signage and Interactive System Networks – Tools for Helping Your Library Evolve

We’ve already established in an earlier blog that deploying digital signage in your library offers a convenient and effective means for communicating current news and events to your visitors in a dynamic and relevant manner. It’s not only far more engaging, it saves you time and money from printing flyers and posters; but all your systems can be updated instantly in the cloud from a computer located anywhere. Adding touch capability to your screen provides interactive access to wayfinding maps, encourages event registration, and serves up your catalog database and other online resources. This wide range of capabilities might make for an easy justification to deploy digital signage, yet we are just crossing the boundary line into a landscape where libraries are becoming leaders in creating novel applications for digital displays. […]

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Creating a Simple User Interface for an Interactive Kiosk



Interactive Kiosks By Ronnie Pignato

Businesses often find themselves wishing to inform their fellow guests of various events and deals in a timely, yet efficient, manner. […]


NYSCATE 2016: Interactive Systems


The NYS Association for Computers and Technologies in Education conference is an annual event taking place in Rochester, NY. Based off the name alone, it’s quite obvious that the organization is eager to learn about emerging technologies and how they can be applied in an education setting. […]


Print and Digital: No One Said You Have to Choose.


A tale as old as the 1990’s- print versus digital. There are the print-devotees who stay true to their roots and there are the techies- who are convinced that print will someday be a thing of the past. […]

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Interactive Kiosks: The Marketer’s Best Friend

Interactive Kiosks: The Marketer’s Best Friend


We already know that interactive kiosks are pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread for the people who use them. They’re eye-catching, high-tech and outrageously convenient. After all, they’re there to make the user experience one-of-a-kind! […]

Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks in Unexpected Places

Interactive Kiosks in Unexpected Markets

The saying has never been more true, “Any business can benefit from digital signage when it’s done right.” […]

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Let’s get digital: why digital signage is the best thing to ever happen to print.

Why Digital Signage is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Print.

There’s a good reason everyone’s walking around with a Smartphone nowadays. […]

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Making a Case for Library Digital Signage

Making a Case for Library Digital Signage:

If you were walk around New York City, you’d notice how advanced the entire city is, not just Times Square. It seems as though every bodega on the corner has a digital menu board. Our company is based in a smaller city, so while most people are coming around to digital signage, it certainly isn’t commonplace just yet. So you can imagine our surprise when libraries were some of the first organizations coming to us for not only standard digital signage, but interactive. […]

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5 Steps to Successful Digital Signage Marketing

5 Steps to Successful Digital Signage Marketing


It’s safe to say that marketing and advertising in general has become more difficult. It seems as though people are almost immune to traditional advertising. A cheesy jingle might raise some awareness, but how do you get patrons through the door. More importantly, what brings them back? […]

User Interface Design

User Interface Design Best Practices

 What is a user interface?

According to PC Magazine it is “The way a person interacts with a computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device. The user interface (UI) comprises the screen menus and icons, keyboard shortcuts, mouse and gesture movements, command language and online help, as well as physical buttons, dials and levers.” These user interface designs are not limited to digital, it can come in the form of an analogue device such as a TV remote, car stereo, or video game controller. In a sense it is how a human interacts with the digital world. […]